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Adopt A Beach Access

                                        ADOPT LITTER CONTROL PROGRAM

 PURPOSE: To gather the support of business, industry, civic youth, religious groups, as well as individuals, in controlling the litter problem by adopting a county or city beach access, The adopted area(s) will be periodically cleaned to foster a clean, healthy, and more beautiful environment, to encourage community spirit, and to promote growth and economic development in Panama City Beach.


1. The adopting group shall:

 a. Complete the attached Agreement.

 b. Adopt, in most cases, a minimum of a one beach access. If there is public parking associated with the access the public parking is included. You will be required to clean halfway to the access to the east and halfway to the access to the west.

 c. Pick up litter on assigned beach access, shared access area, at least once a month

 d. Ensure availability of supplies needed to complete a safe clean-up event.

e. Assign a site coordinator for each clean-up.

 f. Follow the safety precautions outlined on the attached sheet during each clean-up.

g. Ensure the current version of the Volunteer Registration form is completed by each volunteer prior to participation in each site clean-up event. Add your organization name to the form.

h. Agree to maintain the assigned section of roadway, shared access area, or shoreline for a period of 2 years.

 i. Report to KPCBB before each clean-up: Date, Time, and location of clean-up. May use email: Report to KPCBB within 10 days after each clean-up: the approximate amount and type of trash collected; the number of volunteers who worked; and the total hours volunteered. This data is needed to support KPCBB funding request, measure the program effectiveness, and reporting requirements, and to publicize events.  You can email your results to

 j. Designate an individual to be the point of contact between the organization and KPCBB.

 k. Publicize your involvement in the Adopt Litter Control Program and encourage other organizations to become involved.

 2. Keep PCB Beautiful shall:

 a. Publicize the Adopt Litter Control Program.

 b. Recognize the participating organizations.

 c. Coordinate printing of signs or decals used to designate the areas adopted

d. Coordinate installation of signs, Adopt-A-Beach-Access program

 e. Provide trash bags, if requested, for clean-ups or loan our equipment for use

Keep PCB Beautiful, Inc. Is a registered not-for-profit 501©3 corporation. It is only through the generous financial support of our volunteers, partners, and individual donors that we can continue to work to end littering in Panama City Beach. We welcome your participation in our Adopt Litter Control Program.

                                          ADOPT LITTER CONTROL PROGRAM AGREEMENT


Name of Organization_________________________________________________

 Does hereby agree to support and participate in the Keep Nassau Beautiful Adopt Litter Control Program.


Select a Beach Access___________________________________________________


Contact Person________________________________________________________






City, State, Zip________________________________________________________


Organization Name as it should appear on sign______________________________


Telephone Number____________________________________________________




Signature of Organization Official____________________________Date_____________

Keep PCB Beautiful, Inc. is a registered, not-for-profit 501©3 corporation. It is only through the generous financial support of our volunteers, partners and individual donors that we can continue to work to end littering in Nassau County. We welcome your participation in our Adopt Litter Control Program.

                                                               SAFETY PRECAUTIONS

The following safety precautions are to be followed by organizations participating in the Keep PCB Beautiful (KPCBB) Adopt Litter Control Program:

1. The Site Coordinator should review these precautions prior to commencing every clean-up.

 2. Every volunteer participating in the clean-up must complete the Volunteer Registration form prior to each site clean-up event. The Site Coordinator should provide a sign-in sheet, and provide, collect, and retain the Volunteer Registration form.

 3. Have a first aid kit available at every clean-up.

4. Ensure an adequate supply of water is available. Encourage participants to bring a reusable water bottle.

 5. Participants should consider wearing hats, sun block, and sunglasses.

7. Participants should wear bright or light-colored clothing.

8. Carpool to the adopted area in a minimum number of vehicles.

9. No intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs will be allowed.

10. Ensure there is adequate supervision of youths during clean ups. Adopt-A-Beach Access



The Site Coordinator should ensure these items are available for each volunteer for each sponsored clean up event. You may contact Keep PCB Beautiful (KPCBB) for recommendations on purchasing supplies.

Volunteer Sign in Sheet (optional)

 Volunteer Registration Form (required)

 First Aid Kit (required)

 Water (optional, you may ask volunteers to bring their own water or reusable water bottles)

Insect Spray (optional, you may ask volunteers to bring their own)

 Sunscreen (optional, you may ask volunteers to bring their own)

Gloves (required, however you may ask volunteers to bring their own)

Trash Bags (required)

Grabbers (optional but preferred)

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