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Keep PCB Beautiful is a group of locals working to keep PCB clean from the beach to the street. We are working to inspire individuals and businesses to improve the community and the natural environment.  We are affiliated with Keep America Beautiful and Keep Florida Beautiful to accomplish our goals. Keep PCB Beautiful was a vision of 12 people who came together because of a passion for the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach Florida.

Keep America Beautiful has a strong history of connecting with people and communities across the nation. From national campaigns such as The Crying Indian commercial to Every Litter Bit Hurts, Keep America Beautiful brought environmental responsibility into local communities through their affiliate network designed to give locals the power to prioritize the needs of their specific area.



WHAT WE DO                

       Recycling, Litter, Beautification



Recycling is not a major issue in Panama City Beach.  We are working to educate our community on reducing and reusing as an acceptable form of recycling.


Everyone knows that litter leads to increased crime, lowered property values and hurts our wildlife. Not to mention, eco-tourists don't return to a littered environment.  This issue is crucial to our tourist-based economy and requires our attention. Keep PCB Beautiful sponsors weekly beach cleanups. We also team up with other organizations for beach and roadway cleanups. From February - June, these efforts all count towards Keep PCB Beautiful Great American Cleanup. Funding for these efforts comes solely from sponsors and individual donors.



Keep PCB Beautiful works hard to receive national grants for beautification, habitat restoration and tree planting projects each year. Local support is crucial for this effort for our community. If you would like to see more beautification projects, please donate! To volunteer at a beautification event or have an idea for one, contact us!

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